Thursday, December 2, 2010

FT Island - Love Love Love

Suddenly My heart stops , 
My breathing dies ,
You're leaving .
My heart is freezing ,
I loved u ,
I was happy .
I was born as your man so I loved you endlessly.
That's it ,
I try to resist the urge to cry .

The rainsdrops soak my whole body ,
I force myself again ,
Look up and look at the sky , 
The rain enters my eyes as I think of u ,
And it replaces the tears I have been holding in ,

I loved tou 'til madness and I was so very happy ,
The love memories given to me send you away ,

Goodbye my love , my love , my love ,
Take care my love , my love , my love ,
Even if the tears filling up soak my whole body ,

Now goodbye , goodbye, goodbye ,
Leave me and please be happy ,
One step , one step , you're going farther away ,

Silently I fill up a glass of alcohol ,
As i hardly hold it with my hands ,
I let out a sigh ,
I drink one glass ,
As i think of you ,
I also swallow the tears I have been holding in ,

My heart is cold ,
I didn't know love ,
Thank you , really.
I now understands that this is what love is ..

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